Whether you see a check engine light, notice a maintenance minder, hear an unexpected noise coming from under the hood, observe unusual behavior, are ready to upgrade or just want to "baby" your baby, it's our honor to serve you. We utilize factory diagnostic tools and cutting edge technology to maintain your vehicles properly and keep them running at peak.


Comprehensive service & repair for your German, British, Italian or electric vehicles - as well as your domestic automobiles.

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Preventative maintenance and repairs for light commercial vehicles, with a focus on keeping your business running.

Our Fleet Maintenance Program

Safety inspections for your family's peace of mind, as well as provincial inspections for registering your out-of-provice vehicle.

List of Vehicle Inspections

Auto Repair, Service & Maintenance

A poorly maintained vehicle can hit you where it hurts... in the wallet. Deferred maintenance will ultimately cost you more in repairs than sticking with the manufacturer's schedule. We'll help you do it. And in the event that a system in your vehicle fails due to a manufacturing defect, mice chewing up the wiring, or fender bender, we won't rush to the most costly solution.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Ensuring your vehicle's safety and maximizing its resale value hinges on performing the manufacturer's recommended routine maintenance program. Scheduled maintenance is the preventative medicine of the automotive world, diagnosing issues before they become expensive -- or disasterous.

Brakes Service

Worn brake pads, rotors, drums or shoes will alter your stopping time, dirty brake fluid can make your brake pedal feel "wrong", but you really don't want to take chances with the hydraulic system. A failure in the hydraulics can cause a catastrophic failure and prevent you from stopping at all.

Quality Transmissions

Your transmission needs regular service, fluid replacements and fluid flushes to keep your transmission shifting smoothly. If your car is slipping out of gear, idling roughly, making lots of noise when you shift or you smell a strange odor... bring it into Honor Auto for an inspection.

Air Conditioning

Are you boiling miserably through the summer? Rolling down the windows should cool you off, right? But it seems like all it does is blow even hotter wind in your face. Problems with your A/C could be as simple as needing a recharge. Book an appointment and we'll get you back to the comfort zone.

4WD/AWD Driveline

Four wheel drive is a lifesaver in Calgary winters, so making sure differentials and the transfer case are properly lubricated and serviced is critical to navigating winter roads safely.

Winter Tires & Changeovers

Remember when you went to have your tires changed over for winter and the tire place told you they could squeeze you in 3 weeks later? Seasonal tire swaps at Honor Auto are quick and reasonably priced, and we give priority service to our existing customers.

Automotive Diagnostics

Wondering what that code on your BMW or Mercedes means? An OBD II scanner will spit out a code... but a code doesn't mean much without the experience to unravel it and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. If your mechanic is going to Google to figure it out, you're in the wrong autoshop.

Engine Tune-Up

European autos are built to perform. An engine with Ignition Coils, Fuel Filters and Spark Plugs in optimum condition performs like it was made to do. Enjoy the full abilities of your car by tuning it up on a regular basis.

Oil & Filter Change

Dirty oil doesn't lubricate your engine as well as clean oil, reducing your fuel efficiency and causing damage to your engine over time. We use high quality synthetic oils to protect your investment.

Electrical Problems

Gremlins can invade any electrical system on your car and cause trouble, from failing speakers to loss of engine power. Catching the gremlins requires a comprehensive understanding of how the electrical system on your make and model is built.


Commercial Fleet Maintenance

Operating a fleet effectively can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Improperly maintained commercial vehicles can break down at the worst moments, leaving your business deadlocked and your clients high and dry. Making sure your employees are safe while operating those vehicles is a big responsibility, and if neglected, could expose you to litigation. And finally, your investment in these high cost capital assets should be protected. It's just not worth cutting corners on fleet maintenance. Honor Auto will keep your fleet on the road and your business running smoothly.

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Diesel Engine Service

Not all shops are equipped to handle diesel engines, which operate much differently than gas engines. Their higher compression means they have unique maintenance needs. Honor Auto has the background to care for diesel engines properly.

Vehicle Specifications

Overwork a vehicle and it will fail sooner, underwork a vehicle and lose money on operation costs. We can help you select the right vehicle specs for the job at hand, reducing both long and short term costs for operating your fleet.

Fleet Maintenance Program

Taking your commercial vehicles off the road for maintenance costs you money. We understand. Honor Auto's fleet maintenance program covers recurring vehicle care and inspection while keeping both the cost and turn-around-time to a minimum.


Vehicle Inspections

Did you know that 77% of car accidents happen within 25km of home? Or that over 45,000 car crashes a year are related to poor vehicle maintenance? If you've overlooked vehicle condition because it's "only driven around town", you are probably putting your business or family at more risk than you realize. Our inspections keep Calgarians safe (while still respecting your wallet) by prioritizing safety concerns first and giving you plently of time to budget for maintenance costs.

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